Monday, September 29, 2008

Things about staying 'mid-air'

Staying in an apartment is fun but sometimes can be disastrous and annoying. For instance:

. You will have these constant renovations going on. Sometimes the renovation can be few floors above or below but you can hear them loud and clear as if it is done IN your house. Jien for one can't take these and if it occurs middle of his nap, 'wah.......' there goes the wailing.

. Some people just don't know how to treat their rubbish. All they want is to throw out the rubbish FROM their house. So they will leave the unwrapped, smelly, drippy, wet rubbish ON the floor of the rubbish compartment rather than in the bins. I think even if they throw it in the bin, it should be dry and tied up properly. The cleaner deserves some respect too.

. KIDS!!! There is a nice park with a winding path for strollers and joggers. But some kids had turned this into a football field. This is not only dangerous to kids but also adults!! These kids parents are just selfish don't you think? A park is for everyone and not just a few kids and a fiery ball!

. Pool, yes. Our apartment boasts of having one of the finest pool, well landscaped and clean. But some kids ( and some adults too ) would just jump right in with their long pair of jeans, baju and I presumed undies etc etc. Please la, put on a proper swimming attire, be it long or short, slap on a swimming cap if you need to. Take a quick shower before you dive in la!! My neighbour, a middle-eastern guy, has stopped visiting the pool anymore. He said he just can't take it anymore!

. Lift. Some idiots don't read sign. They smoke in the lift. I had encountered a guy who did so and I told him of. So he 'stopped' smoking BUT still holding on to the lit cigaratte until he left the lift. HALLO!! You whacko!! It is the smoke la you idiot ( really feel like shaking his head, HARD!!) irregardless whether you puff in the smoke or not, siao ah!!

. Recently there is a foul smell at night, and I suspected it is from a light industrial factory nearby. One morning, while in the lift, I bumped into a guy and asked him about the smell. He said 'NO'. He said he never opened his windows. He turns the air-con on the moment he reaches home. I was strucked, hard. Why on earth do you buy an apartment when you can enjoy the natural breeze??!! This guy is young, don't tell me most youngsters do this...poor earth.

Maybe it is time for us to move out!! Sigh...

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Super Glue

My son had been like superglue sticking on to me nowadays.

Whenever I stay lying on the bed or sofa, he would hop on to me, stick his head, roll on me, stick his face on mine, hug, bite, pinch, kiss - name it!!

These last few months I had been a very 'homely' person and that means that my son got more time to see me and glue on me.

Some say he is jealous. Some say he seeks attention. I say he just LOVE doing that! :)

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Things about pregnacny...

Thanks for all the good wishes, I am finally up this week and do some work. Time is finally ticking faster for me and I am glad for that..:P

I felt that God must be testing my patience and my tolerance for the past one and a half month. Well, I pulled through it and I asked for His continuous blessing...

Since this could most probably be my last pregnancy, I just want to jot down some things maybe for children to read next time. (maybe)!!!

. Nausea - yes, for this one, it begins in the morning right on the bed before I woke up. Sometimes, I ended up lying on the bed practically whole day and night.

. Puking - yes, even sometimes there is nothing to puke, still I felt I need to puke and I will be 'ueking' all the acidic gas juice which I could imagined eroded and eaten away my precious enamel on my teeth!!

. Heart burn - This is a terrible feeling and with Jien, I lost 4 kg because of this!! The feeling is like yeah - like something is burning in your chest, you can hardly breath probably and to me, I felt like passing out as it almost felt like a heart attack!

. Brushing teeth is an act of stimulation for puking!

. I hate garlic, ginger, onions, the sight of raw meat, raw fish.........I think I could smell them miles away!!

. I hate the smell of cooking pot - boiling rice, soup, anything! Basically, I hate going to kitchen.

. Evening is the worse because that is the time when the neighbours start preparing dinner..That is the time I go hiding in the bedroom. Applying 'minyak angin' and Vicks all over to cover the smell!

. Eating is no fun. The taste bud just does not seem to be functioning well. It just magnifies the taste of garlic!! Yucks!

. I think a preggy is a hyper sensitive animal; emotionally, biologically and physically. I sensed my pregnancy even before the tester told me I am pregnant. I started to push away slimming cream, started to dislike oily food, started to be 'less active'....

. The prelude before the episodes of vomitting always were my whacked up apetite. Searching for cold drinks(can't drink much though, just a sip or two), sourish fruits. I dreaded plain water. They just taste odd. Well, to be frank, everything tastes odd for this period.

. Then it will proceed to the highlight and climax of constant vomiting and I will eat nothing but plain crackers and plain bread with a glass of milk, normally middle of the night. And hubby then will be my nanny to prepare all these for me..

. When this subsides a bit, suddenly I will fell into this feeling of constant hunger. Though I can't eat much, but my body kept telling me I need to put in something in the stomach every 3 to 4 hours. This I think is the time for me to put back my weight that I had lost previously.

. Then it would be back to normal again....................hopefully for this one too. I am looking forward to go swimming again.

So what was your worst? Care to share?


Friday, September 05, 2008

Dreams come true....

I had been longing to ...

~ read - Yup, honestly. Other than my usual dose of newspaper reading and also the monthly reader's digest, I digest nothing else!! I had been longing to read some novels and some interesting books and here I am now - can't work but to lie down on the bed and read. I had finished Mitch Abom fantastic book - Tuesday with Moris, finished with the 三字经 (Yes, I know this is meant for preliminary school but I think learning now is better than never!! LOL), wrapped up Adeline Yen Mah's Cinderella's story....and now picking up Amy Tan's - The Bone Setter's Daughter. Phew!

Though it was not quite the same with my initial idea of 'lepaking' and read, listening to great music, eating junkies kinda thing.....instead, intermittenly I had to visit the toilet and throw things up and then hide in the bed and cover myself with quilt in the middle of the DAY without fan...

~spending more time with my boy - Yup. I am a full time designer though I work from home. I got the chance to peep at my son almost all my lunch time BUT still time spent with him is not enough (never enough for a mother). Now I have the whole morning and afternoon for him but I cannot even pick up the energy to play with him!! At times, I will read story books for him but even I think he knows that it was not that 'fantastic' and probably found mama 'so monotonous'!! :P

~have more time for myself-doing absolutely nothing! - Yup. Sometimes I really wish so!! Imagine the busy schedule a designer, a mother and a wife had to endure. And so my wish somehow become true!! I can lay down whole day doing nothing but almost feel myself suffocating and of course not to mention the constant head spinning and the sourish taste rendered the room GREY!!

~that the time will slow down for me!!- Yup. It did. It used to pass me like a storm and now it is almost stagnant. Gosh!

Afterall, my wish DID come true. Next time I will make a clearer descriptions of my wish, :P!!