Thursday, March 22, 2007

Feminine vs Masculine

Yes, Clair, this is my result for the quiz. Err...quite true in some sense la I think. ;P Interesting. Also a Pochahontas look for me. Aiyoyo. But hey I am really tan and have that Chinese eyes too; I always put on pearly earing like she does; just that I do not have that pouty lips, what a pity. Kekeke....

You Are 68% Feminine, 32% Masculine

You are in touch with your feminine side.

Sensitive, intuitive, and caring are all words that describe you.

And you're just masculine enough to relate to both men and women.


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Simply Clean

I love this.

This is one the bungalow designs that I did under my practise for a good contractor friend of mine's father in-law. So the fees is err...very low but with him supervising most of the job, I have no problem with this. After all, Sekinchan is not anywhere near Klang Valley, ok?!

It is a low budget bungalow, and we agreed on making it as simple as possible and also maximising the plot because of the tight space alloted. Though we had made some changes at the very end due to his FIL's requirement, nonetheless, the house turned out to be clean and hey, not too bad, I think! I like it.

I will post the finished product once it is completed then.


Monday, March 19, 2007

Mama, surprise!

Today my baby woke up early, lazy mama just can't take it, it was too early (at least for me la), so I asked daddy to turn him and let him meet his friends. He did not make a fuss at all, he let mama sleeps. After one round of that, mama woke up afresh and went for a shower, hmmm, he did not make a fuss too. He continue with his eye contacts and 'conversation' with his friends.

He poo poo early today, so I had to shower him before feeding (which normally he would complain because he wants to be fed first normally); he did not make a fuss. Happily enjoyed his bath.

After feeding, he did not sleep. So I brought him for a walk, this time, not carrying him but putting him in his stroller; he did not complaint! At all!

He showed lil sign that he was sleepy, so I thought, hmm ...I should just milk him again so that he will get 'dizzy' and fall into his dreamland. And yes, this time around he slept, but just for a while. But he did not fuss. So I turned him around to face up (he normally prefers sleeping face down) while I continue with my breakfast, too hungry to 'layan' him. He did not fuss! He was fiddling with his fingers, watching his, I was already feeling so excited then!

And then the phone rang, signalling a fax that was coming in. I turned away to attend to the fax. As I came out from my soho, I saw my baby facing down again! Hey, that means my baby can TURN now!!! I was wailing happily and told my maid about this. She too get so excited and our laughters must have been contagious as baby himself was giggling too. He must have known that he had done something RIGHT! :)

Oh, what a wonderful day!

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Daddy is BACK!!

Yes, for the past 5 BIG days, it was only me and Jien, leaving behind by dad-dee who is 'posted' to Perth again.

We missed him dearly. Jien had not been sleeping well for the first few days but managed finally to adjust himself and sleep early again only yesterday and today! And he will be so surprised tomorrow to wake up in the morning and see the man he loves most - Dad dee is back!!! Yippie yei yei!!

And to dad-dee, our son had been so so good when you are away. He has learnt so much and I bet he can't wait to show you all when you are back. :)



Hello, do visit us again!

pic by Eric, edited by blinka-li

Just the other day, my friend Eric, visited us in the house.

Well, it was a long long time since mama last see him. He is now 'half-american'. Haha, well, no-lah, it is just that he has been there for so long that I some how thought that he IS an American now.

We had a long chat and I am glad that he still love this land - Malaysia and would like to come back one day to build his house here, of course, ah-hemmm, taking me as his architect. ;) bugger liao earning USD huh??!! Blinka-li still staying up here middle in the air, kekeke..

We will miss you and take good care folk! Do come back more often and do visit us both at our blog and our home, ok??


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Little White Boat

小白船. Yes, this was the song I used to sing a lot when baby was in my tummy.

I can't recall what songs my mum used to sing to me when she tried to put me to sleep, probably a Hainanese folk song! Ha ha! All I can recall is that my aunt used to sing this song a lot when putting my cousin sister, Xiao Chuen to sleep.

When I sang to him this song, I could feel his responses in there, either kicking or turning.
When baby was in hospital 'sun-bathing' under the photo-therapy machine, I sang to him too;
And this happened a couple of times now: when I sing this song to him, he would lift up his head and actually stop suckling, stared hard into me, watching me and my lips and hearing intensely. Just the other night, when I was trying to put him to sleep with this song, he actually lift up his head again and watched me singing for the entire 3 rounds of the song!

It is simply amazing.

So, what song do you sing to your baby?


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Knowing his hands and legs

Last week, I noticed baby kept watching his own hands and by end of last week, he started to put his hand ( a lot ) in his mouth and started sucking. He did this before but it was not like last week, it is as if he 'learnt' that ok, these are my hands and fingers.
~ baby flexing his muscles, he he.....;P

This week, he loves to watch his own legs. So we have to held him up or put him in 'sitting' position so that he can see his legs. And he loves to have me swing him up high and he loves stepping on my tummy too.

It is great seeing him learning and growing each day. One little thing at a time. :)


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Susu Story

Baby, 8 pounds @ birth with mama

I remembered it used to be so difficult at first, I mean breastfeeding. Oh, I should say it was very eeeasy at first, when he was born. So easy because he would be sleeping and dozing off most of the time when he was in the hospital. We would normally overslept and wake up 3 hours later and feed him. Poor him. He must have registered this incidents....

Then, it becomes slightly challenging as we step into our dear home. His appetite started to increase tremendously (or that my milk factory is so damn slow in production??) and it felt like I am forever holding him for feeding except when he is sleeping. And as I could recall, he HARDLY had any long hour sleeps. And strangely enough, he stayed awake when he was with the confinement lady. And my confinement lady was the one keep 'fishing' and dozing away. Mama stayed awake every 2 hours to check on the confinement lady if she did make milk for my baby (either milk powder - when baby was diagnosed with high reading of jaundice or thawing the expressed milk). When his jaundice started to clear, I had decided to have him in his crib instead so that he will get used to his own bed and ever since then (touch wood), he slept well at night with a predictable pattern.
As I started fully breastfeeding him, it was not easy. I had to get myself doses of confidence from friends and aunts constantly by calling them for advise and experiences. THAT helps! I really have to thank Haz, Pru, Poh Chin and all my aunts who supported me all these while. So 'kam tong'...sob sob.

I recalled few very difficult incidences:
Case 1 : Midnight, both daddy and mama were so tired after we were discharged. (Noticed I said we? Daddy was staying there too with us when baby was born; he shuttled to and fro everyday to bring things for us if needed, poor him) Baby was demanding for susu, I was so fatigue, really, extremely fatigue. I fed him but he was still making fuss and demands further. Nothing can ease him except nursing. I tried lying on bed and fed him. My eye lids were heavy and I started to doze away..Afraid that he would get suffocated, I asked if daddy could stay awake for awhile to watch him. Hubby said ok, ok. He pat baby and within seconds I could hear him snoring away before I could even catch my own sleep! So I had to stay awake by constant praying ....Oh God, when can his stomach felt full?.... :P

Case II : Day time around 3pm, again asking for marathon feeding when mama was already so so so tired. I literally scolded him for the very first time (and so far, that was the only time now la, :P ) I had not learnt his pattern and I had yet to adjust myself fully yet and the production was not yet stable at that time.
Phew, all in all, it was all worth it. Baby is growing fine and he weigh a healthy 6.8kg and measured at 67cm length wise at 2 months old. All so worth it! Ha ha!


Monday, March 12, 2007


Jien begins to smile a lot when he reached the 2 months benchmark.

And that smile on his face really melts our hearts!!


Thursday, March 08, 2007

Mobile and Time

There is barely any time to rest now with this lil one. I have to

bath fast
eat fast
talk fast
walk fast

And even trying new stunt like writing and typing with my left hand while breast feeding. Jia lat!!

BUT, with this mobile that keeps him intrigued and puzzled, I can enjoy at least half an hour of luxury now.....thank you lil cutie lion, monkey and rabbit.. ;)

Actually, this TinyLove mobile was set aside at his crib for almost a month. We almost wanted to dismantle it since he shows little interest in watching it (come to think of it, maybe he can't see things clearly yet at that time). Come one fine day, mama just somehow turn it on and walla!!! He kicked and waved his hands frantically!! He is so excited watching these 3 animals making rounds...And I am as excited because I can finally wash and blow dry my hair properly; check e-mails; do a bit of house work or cooking etc.

Lately, he even try 'talking' to the animals. How sweet. :) The ku ku kaa kaa, yi yi ya ya sound is making us, the first time parent, so so SO HAPPY!

I forced daddy to buy this because of the music - Mozart and Bach. Love it.
Daddy likes the nature theme music instead.
And as for our little one - the colour and the shape of the animals and the way they move, maybe or that he just love the whole of it. Hehe!

Sometimes, when he is awake and mama is tired, I will just set the thing on again and I will slip into my dreamland for at least 20 mins or so. Naughty mama! :P