Thursday, January 22, 2009

Good And Bad

It does not seem so rosy for us all in ushering in the CNY. First it was me who got food poisoning, and then it was hubby's turn to get diarrhea and his headache strickes back again and he can't get his good sleep almost every night. (what to do, time to spend spend and spend!!). Then MIL got struck with fatigues and down with flu, then it was my turn (still am cause I am not on any antibiotics to fight those tough virus) and as my sticky son still glue to me when he sleeps, he caught the virus too and now he is down with fever and sore throat...Alamak!!

Good news is our coming baby is still doing good and active.

Good news is we got a second opinion on Jien's case for circumcision, the doctor said he needs not do it cause since he could pulled his skin easily. Ahhhhh.............what a relief. It is surely NOT going to be easy if we were to hospitalise the boy now. He really freaks out seeing doctors and medicines!! *just like me when I was a little. ;P*

Good news is I am still active and have no fever so far, and I am still writing and sending every one a Happy Chinese New Year message!! 新年快乐 !

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Weather or just ME?

First, with food poisoning, then it was hubby who caught the bacteria and gruesome churning in the stomach....well, according to hubby, quite a number of people get the bacteria attack last week!!

Now, I caught the flu bugs from MIL /SIL or maybe it is the weather factor?? It was so breezy last week that we hardly turn on the fan. And all of a sudden, the heat strikes back. The sun is always torching hot, so typically CNY's weather!!
Or maybe it was me who is at low immunity now? The constant work (work or 'home'work) and the constant carrying of the extra weight of at least 10kg now had made me so fatigued by night. But still, day time, my brain refused to rest!!

So here I am with a bit of sore throat and a little runny nose. Poor thing. When I had Jien, I got no sickness at ALL!! I hope the little one is fine in there. I promised myself to rest MORE now.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Food Poisoning

I came back feeling extremely tired last Friday after a long afternoon hunting for the right stone cladding with my client.

Dinner was petai with sambal prawn and vege. I was not at my normal appetite. I went straight to bed after that to catch an early nap. It was not until about 4am in the morning, I rushed to the toilet to purge, quite heavily. Dragged myself to the bed and slept. My little one was not happy too, tossing and turning and flipping himself in the womb. I finally fell asleep out of exhaustion.

First thing in the morning-rushed to toilet again. I was wondering what had I eaten wrongly since yesterday. I was eating the same food as my maid and Jien for lunch, they were both fine. Same food with the rest at dinner (of course, Jien got his steamed fish, not sambal lah!!) and they were all fine! Except for 2 little sweets I picked up from a shop counter while doing the 'shopping'. I wonder. Or was it the sambal or petai?? Arghhhh, it could be anything!! I could not even recall when was the last time I had purging, more than 15 years maybe?? Gosh, why now? Why does it have to happen when I am pregnant? What if it hurts the baby too? Feeling guilty and worry, I asked hubby to send me to clinique.

Picked up the medicine, rest. Took the medicine and instantly sped to the toilet to vomit. I was worried sick about the little one. I prayed so HARD that I will heal soon.

And for that, I was feeling agitated when hubby said he still IS going back to Klg to meet up with friends. Arghh...they meet up EVERY week. Not all members were present all the time, BUT my hubby is the ONE that never fail to be PRESENT. We are talking about a preggy here who is SICK and WEAK!! I do not want to go back this weekend cause controlling bowel is not what preggy does best and I want to be closed to the hospital I am used to, and the doctor I am used to, not elsewhere, not with another stranger.

He does not seemed to understand this for THIS TIME. But thank goodness he brought Jien out for a night out and I caught a good sleep without interruption. When they were back, I was pretty ok before he left for his weekly affair. But my anger did not subside 100%. I was feeling a bit HURT. Afterall, couldn't he love his wife and the little one a little bit MORE just for that night?

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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Finally Cheesy Yummy

I finally got my cheese cake done, like a cheese cake!! Hahaha!

It is either the base turns watery (I guess I don't have the right size plastic sheets) or the top is cracked or a bit hard. Or it is when I store it in the freeze and it went real hard the next morning (I do baking at night).

I popped in to the House of Presentation the other day and found a storage box with an ice pack, ideal for keeping the cake or whatever air tight (that means free of ants) and cool. It was with a 40% discount. I grabbed it!!

And I had bought a baking tin just the right size for the water base to spin in my microwave while baking.

So now I got my cheese cake nicely soft and yummy in the morning, ...........finally!! :P

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Big House

Another project went on site a good 5 months back. Now it is progressing good to the 1st Floor superstructure.

I personally find the house TOO BIG. But the owner wants it ....duh...They still find the house a bit small in fact. Gosh, for a family of 5, well, you gotta be kidding me. God bless the maid! Including the terraces, the house is almost 9,000 sq.ft.!! If you average out, each person is living in a space as big (excuse me, bigger!!) as my whole apartment!

I have a natural fond for the other house I was blogging. They were actually on the same street, owners were both brothers but with different tastes. One prefer grandeur and English style, the other modern tropical. I prefer the scale for the latter.

Nevertheless, I love the dining area of this house!! It is going to be of full height seamless, joint-butted tempered glass so that the diners will have an undisturbed view of the fish pond next to it. Picture shown here is the unfinished product of the dining hall. And the dining will be spared from the hot evening sun as it is facing the eastern bearing. It should be nice and cozy, I am certain.

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Busy greenery work

I was constantly on the move to work on something - designing, cleaning, baking, painting and even 'gardening' of some sort. Maybe this is what one called the nesting effect. Gosh! I must admit, the effect is doing me great!!

I bought the seed of lettuce at the DIY at the cost of RM2. I have no idea how fast and how big it will grow. I plonked the seed quite closely together thinking that some will die eventually la!! But hey no, they all grew and I had to separate them in different pot eventually. I also bought some chilli seeds but we waited and waited, no sprout nothing!!

The other day, MIL pass me some cili padi from her neighbour, saying that those are very nice fragrant cili and very hot too!! Ahhh...I saw the bulb lit in my brain. My maid said I should sun dry the cili first. So we did. After a few days of drying, I sprinkled them in the pot and yesterday, I finally saw some sprout!! I was so excited!! Hahaha!!

Jien helped me do the watering work sometimes and he would say 'grow, grow!!' Yeah, hopefully by another 2 months, we can have fresh lettuce from our little potted garden!! Hey!!

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Monday, January 05, 2009

NEW Year 2009!!

It happened all so FAST - 冬至 ( Trans : Arrival of the Winter - a Celebration for the Chinese; of family gathering, making glutinous 'tang yuan', and that all have grown a year 'older'), then it was Jien's birthday, then Christmas and then New Year 2009. I could hardly catch up with all these.

No party or anything of that sort for us. We went out for Japanese food on Jien's birthday. He, like knowing that he is in fact 'older' now, chose to eat only ebi Tempura and a bit of rice. Not a single bite of tofu or udon or steamed egg! Haiyaiyai!!

New year Party? Takdak! We went for our Indian Banana Leave brunch, had a good rest and then I started painting the toilet's ceiling which had developed some black spots; hubby helped out at the railing for the balcony. All done in less than an hour plus and then we had a good steamy fried onion flavoured rice to go with a big pot of home cooked bak kut teh!! Yummy!!

Ahhhh, and now we have to get set for the next BIG event - Chinese New Year!! I wonder if I will finally set to bake some cookies this year!?

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Friday, January 02, 2009

Amazing 2

My little boy turned 2!! A lot of people said it is the Horrible 2, but to me, it was more like an AMAZING 2!!


To my lovely boy, Jien...hmmm, you are such an amazing, wonderful gift that God has bestowed for us as a gift on Christmas; to remind us to be humble, to learn and respect new life, to see the love He has always showered on us and remind us to give and share the love..

From a tiny bud, you have blossomed into a lovely, active child. Every single step and trick that you achieve, no matter how small, you, in a way, touched us and made us proud!!

You have made a big stride in your learning curve turning 2. All of a sudden, you talk and communicate well!! You hum and sing a lot now!! Oh what joy to behold!! You have also learnt counting well both in Chinese and English!! Haha, thanks to the little mouse - Mickey!

You love your cousins well. You have always be the one who initiated the kisses and hugs, how lovely. You also never fail to show your love to your grannies, aunties and uncles. We hope you continue to love and care for them in the future.

Ah...already 2!! So FAST! It felt like you were just a baby yesterday!!

I love you boy!! SO MUCH!!

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