Friday, June 29, 2007

In Zombie Land

It is more than a week now that my baby has been waking me up SO FREQUENTLY at night seeking for comfort and nen-nen. I don't know it is because of his 6-months growth spurt or that he is having night mare or he is merely seeking comfort. But at an intervals of 2 to 2 1/2 hours really IS killing my brain cells!

On the other hand, I have this client of mine who is a retiree. I am doing a semi-D renovation for him and work had started since 3 weeks ago on ground. He had been pestering me with small matters which I had advised him already, also annoyed me at odd hours. If I did not pick up his calls and later on returned his calls, he would question me. Imagine having a client to call you EVERYDAY! OMG!! For goodness sake, boy I am not selling my soul to him. Just architectural and design service! The other day, I told him off. I said I am getting reeeally annoyed and all stressed up - threatening to quit! And he mellowed down then. Huh, if not because of my brother (his close friend), I would have 'taruh' him 'kao-kao'!

So with ALL these, I am slowly drifting into the zombie land. With eye bags, dark-circles, dry skin, dry lips, grassy-looking hair and worst of all - with my weight still hanging tight to 61kg and not showing any sign of letting go of the 'life-buoy' around the waist line. Gosh.

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Monday, June 18, 2007


They are all related. Cousins. They have this 'michelin's' traits in them. Wait a minute, who is the one in black and white and look so much like my son?

Yes, you are right!! That is hubby! Now when MIL get into the ward to visit us when I delivered baby, the first reaction was - 'Oh! Just like the father!' see?

Lately, Jien has been very very active and refuse to sleep much! He would wake up so early in the morning anticipating the day's activities. Oh my gosh! And when we put him in the walker to watch the baby Einstein's DVD, he would try to stand rather than sitting quietly. So he is pretty much loosing up all the michelin circles now...emmm..should I be glad or what?

Monday, June 11, 2007


Turning 5 months old means that Jien is getting more and more active! He reigns now. He would reject drinking nen-nen and would force himself to get up (to sit) and sometimes even biting me! I would then say a firm and loud 'NO!' and he would get startled and a bit scared. Nonetheless, he would NOT continue and take anymore milk - not a drip! Phew! Day time means playing time, he would have cat naps in between only with so little milk - lots of rejection now. *pening kepala*

Let's see what he can do now...

. crawl - backward
. sit - tend to fall sideways
. stand - brief stand, in his walker (oh yes, started putting him in his walker 2 weeks ago)
. can watch the whole of Eistein's DVD now. He likes the animals. Maybe due to the flash cards that we showed him, he recognized the animals better.
. want to play, play and more PLAY!

Jien laughs a lot actually- so far with me and hubby only la. I remembered feeding him and I laughed a bit with a sniff, then he followed suit. And eventually we both laughed uncontrollably OUT LOUD! It was funny; the other day, hubby can't help hiccuping. Just that, my baby laughed and chuckled all the way till he gets hiccup too. Boy oh boy! :)

He only gain less than a kilo from last month and also grew a centimeter taller from last month. He is now about 9.7kg and 71cm tall. A lot less from his remarkable increment from past months but he is still way above the graph, so no worry la, I think.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Green Day

It was a beautiful morning. We did not balik kampung this week. MIL and the rest went to Singapore for a short break and since Jien is still very much needing his nap in the morning and afternoon, we have to stay back and not joining the family trip this year...arghhh...

Nevertheless, we spent the day off at FRIM, Kepong, with our little one. We love nature, and we want him to start loving it too! Haha, just joking but anyway, it hold some truth too. I would bring him for scuba diving if he loves too one day. :) Just a short stroll in the 'jungle', but our boy as usual kept his eyes open all the while to see and observe the surrounding.

Talking about scuba diving, oh I sure miss the old days when I could go back packing for weeks and take leaves to go scuba diving. I miss trekking mountains in Nepal, miss the crisp air in NZ, miss the busy Bangkok and the culture-rich Beijing. I wish I could start traveling again real soon. I mean, serious traveling. Hmmm...sounds really like a fantasy now.

Anyway, it is World Environment Day on Tuesday, so what have we done as a citizen of the world? Let's see..
. I pledge to bring my own shopping bag to the mall
. I already started segregating all the glass containers from the my garbage bag. I washed them, and grouped them before disposing them. Papers also are separated.

. I pledge to car pool if possible.

. I do not smoke!!

. I will leave one container in my car from now on. Just in case I need to 'ta pao' food.

. I don't let water running while I brush my teeth or doing any washing (sorry to say, but I hate to see people doing that!)
. I try not to turn on the A/C if possible.
. I buy energy saving bulbs even for my client (which means eating into my profit, haha!)

I hope I can contribute more. It hurts to see all the effects of mankind polluting the environment in a non-reversible state, in the name of development and convenient. I think for now, we could not stop it, but at least, we could slow it down, in a dramatic way, if all of us do it together.

We do not inherit the world from our ancestor; we just borrow it from our children.

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Friday, June 01, 2007


It is amazing to read the news about this lady who plunged together with her car from 6th floor of the parking bay with a mere broken arm. She is destined to live.

x x x x x

It was already 5pm in the late afternoon, time to prepare dinner. I placed my baby in our room to sleep on the king size bed. He has not been sleeping well since morning, and worried that he might be awaken by the noise in kitchen (oh yes, he is definitely a light sleeper like his dad), so putting him on our BIG bed surrounded by the heavy pillows like I used to do seemed fine.

After just about fifteen minutes in the kitchen, our baby monitor emitted a loud

T H U D D D ! ! !

and he wailed like never did before!! I dropped everything and rushed to the room and found my baby on the floor instead. Goodness!!! I almost instantly picked him up and checked for any bruises. Nothing. But still, I asked my maid to prepare a hard boil egg. She panicked. The cry seems to last forever(in actual fact, 3 minutes maybe?). I felt so so so bad and called dad-dee. He was on the way back, he sounded so nonchalant and cool `Of course he will cry out loud, it is painful'. That was all he commented.

Ok, no more sleeping in our bed without us being IN the room anymore.

Maybe, he is just destined to fall. Or maybe all babies at least for once, will fall from the bed, huh?

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