Thursday, April 28, 2011

Frantic Start

This is a crazy month. I signed up for an examination to be a facilitator for Green Building Index last month and from then on, it is :

. No weekends
. Waking up middle of the night to study
. Waking up middle of the night to catch up with work
. fatigue
. fatigue...
and fatigue........

First, I don't really INTEND to be one. I just want to know MORE about this GBI thingy. It is an in thing in the industry. Plus, more architects and even clients already know more in depth, I can't be just sitting and relax and I don't want to be in the last batch either.

The highlight is my maid was away for 2 weeks for her 'vacation' back home during this critical period. And that blown my brain and body apart, well, almost..

Thanks to my dear dear husband who had been so helpful taking care of the kids and cleaning the house, I mainly need to cook...;)

It is all over, and now live is back to normal and my maid is back! Yippie!

Good to go NORMAL again, ahh.....being able to sleep till 8.00am is good!


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