Friday, August 26, 2011

Loving Today!!

I love today..

Yessss, for :

1. Hubby is coming home today and I will be seeing him tomorrow morning!!
2. Holidays are approaching.
3. Got the submission done yesterday for a nice couple.
4. Get the drawings printed out and ready for contractor to quote for another job.
5. Finally have time to check for another project's drawings.

Can't wait can't wait to see hubby!! Yippie!

This long wait is only after 2 short (looonnnng!) weeks of hubby's assignment to New Zealand. He was kind of lucky to catch a glimpse of the heavy snow fall in Wellington. Emotionally, I guess he is worse than me. Home sick, missing ME and the boys, missing the house, the bed, well, everything here! Well, just 2 weeks!

See, it is kind of strange that when he is away, I have ALL the energy to get up early, cook my breakfast, prepare Jien's breakfast, read them books, play with them, bring them to the park, to the malls, etc etc...The moment hubby is back home, the adrenalin level will drop to the lowest low. I don't know how you see it. But I see it as I am such a LUCKY mom.

Counting down, counting down!! ;)

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Thursday, August 25, 2011


My elder son is better in trying to express himself in words now. And so he is enjoying school to the fullest. Not a day have I to worry about him not wanting to go to school now. He happily awaits the uncle to pick him up and happily hopping on to the van. Not a teardrop shed.

Knowing more words and to actually spell them helps him a lot in his capability to read too. So now he is the 'genious' in his class for he is good in English and learning fast in Mandarin and Bahasa. All teachers adore him.

Well, good for him.

So with boy like this, I think he tends to think he knows a lot or everything maybe. In Hokkien, we call it' Keiy Kiang' or 'Keiy gao'. Everything he wants to try, he will brush your hands aside before you even tell him what to do. Everytime you tell him to do something...he will say 'I KNOW!' Not in a snobbish way, but a very relaxed and non-chalant way. Well, maybe I am still treating him like a small boy and suddenly I got this low tone 'I know...' , it somehow made me paused on whatever I am doing and give him a good look (stare)...

Jien, please wash your hand after food ya.... J : I know

Jien, turn on the light please if you are trying to read..... J : I know...

Jien, go pom pom first then play J : I know

Jien, ............................ J : I know

Scary? I know........

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In the Park

I was checking some pictures to be placed in the blog the other day only to find out that I have the July month totally void of any pictures.

I was utterly sad as this means I had missed my sons on the entire month!! Oh yes, watching them growing everyday yes but having able to revisit their cute little faces is another.

As I flipped out my camera feeling sad, I checked the pictures in the camera and go 'YEAH!' I did take their pictures!

And they were in one of our favourite parks!
I love seeing my sons playing in the nature, get all dirty, wet and soaked up! It really feels good!! ;)

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Monday, August 22, 2011

My Paleontologist

Yes, paleontologist...I only knew this word few weeks ago. All because of my eldest son who suddenly is a freak dinosaurs fan. Everything down to our daily conversations are on the topics of dinosaurs.

'Mama, do you know what is Cretaceous Period?'

'Mama, see, Diplodocus. See this one, a triceratops. And this one ......'

My brain can only accommodate a few names like Tyrannosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Triceratops, Protoceratops, Stegosaurus (as I am typing this, I am checking the spelling from my son's book, ;)). So the rest, it sounded like an alien trying to squeeze in new words in my tiny brain. But to my son, all these names are fantastic and he can already easily memorizing 30 if not more...goodness.

The other day, I was amazed at his ability to spell Ankylosaurus. So I asked him, do you know how to spell mama's name?

He looked at me and tap his chin....'How mama? How to spell your name??'

Yeah, this paleontologist of mine loves his dinosaur BETTER than his mom already...aiyoyo!!

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Song Bird

My younger boy loves to sing lately. Old McDonald Had a Farm, Twinkle-twinkle little Star, numerous others and his favourite 'The Dinasaur' which he invented his own.

He would climb up any make shift stage available and would perform seriously. After singing, he would nod his head exclaiming 'Thank you! Thank you!' So cute.

And today, while I am working, I can hear my boy singing Chinese Song in the hall. It is amazing that he still remember the rhythm and hum and sing along. He has not listen to these songs for at least 4 months already! And to me, this
cacat song that he is humming and trying to follow just sounded like heaven! ;)


* Twinkle Star - spontaneous visit to I-City.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Conversation with Jung

This second son of mine love watching TV and savoring his roti canai.

And so he picked up the word - telescope from the TV numerous shows on the pirates. So all the rolling drawings in the house turned into 'a telescope' and his toy naturally.

x x x x

Yesterday, I baked some yummy tea muffins. It is supposed to go with some beaten cream cheese and honey. So as I dipped the muffin and pass to him, guess what my Jung said ??

'Mummy, is this SPICY??!!' ;P

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Colored Version

I have not seen Jien doing any art ever since the introduction to iPhone and iPad. Today there is this coloured back ground thingy in my computer scanned image.

I don't know how this thing end up in my computer. And surely my son's knowledge of computer is advancing by the day....

I just love the colour and of course I know he is drawing my car..the number shows.. haha!

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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Some Conversations

Me : Jien, who is your best friend in the class??

Jien : Gotham (not sure if the spelling is right, but I know this boy).

Me : Why?

Jien : Because he is brown....

Me : *Laugh till almost fainted*

Well, at least, my boy likes him because of his colour, and not dislike him because of his colour. Reason to celebrate good teaching for not being racist..

x x x x

Me on the computer.

Jien : Mama, what are you doing?

Me : Working lo...

Few days later...

Me : Jien, what are you doing in mama's office ?

Jien : Working lo....

Me : *speechless*

x x x x

Hubby has the hobby of giving a ringgit a day for Jien, for him to save so that he can grasp the concept of saving and numbers..

And ever since my boy, Jien learned about Hong Kong Disneyland, every time I ask him where should we go for holiday, he would answer without a second thought : HK Disneyland.

And one day I retorted by saying : But we don't have enough money to go there.

Jien : Ma...(digging out his few ringgit from the pocket [apparently that week hubby did not give him on a daily basis, so he got few ringgit at one shot] ) see you can take this, we have money!!


Quite a Fruitful Year

Last year, I THOUGHT I have not accomplished much in my work and also my personal life. It is like so quiet and yet forever busy kinda thing.

Then recollecting back, I saw myself moving into a new house, new environment, new neighbourhood and my boys LOVE where we are staying now. They just LOVE the new house.

Then one of the bungalows that I had designed was selected by the developer to be interviewed. And so they interviewed the happy clients and took pictures and videos of the house. Pleased.

Then without me knowing, another house of my design was published (without acknowledging me, the ID took credit of EVERYTHING...hsh, hush..) in a local magazine. I was delighted when my client showed me and gave me a copy. Delighted.

Then with friends' encouragement, I submitted our newly renovated house for a design competition organized yearly by the fellow Architects in Malaysia (PAM) and guess what?? I am shortlisted! I did not expect anything but I am shortlisted! Hey...

Not bad after all...kan? (* ps : just in case you wanna know : I did not win la! ;) ) The picture on the left showed my favourite part of my house which is not selected to be published in the medalists / shortlisted booklet....Don't know why they had selected the normal views of the house...hmmm...want to ketuk who ever choose the pictures! ;(

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