Friday, September 09, 2011

It is scary to see how my sons are repeating after me..I mean copying me especially the way I talk, my gesture, the way I node my head...way too scary with Jien..even the way I got angry and scolded him, he copied it and 'translated' it on his brother.  Eww!

It happened a few times already that he shouted at his brother.  Even the 'Aiyo!' sound all too familiar and that echoed in my mind and raised my hair!! Eeeeerie!  

Tell me, how can one sane fella not yell when having to work from home, answering phone calls, thinking for solutions, cracking the head and the boys are fighting and screaming at the other end??!!  Sane or saint here eh?

Ah well, no excuse now.  It is too scary to get this copied and passed down.  

I have to learn to take a deep breath and pinch myself the next time I loose my temper and go screaming again! Ahhhhhhhh............!

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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

A Good Break

People like us, the designer (kuli) don't have many holidays actually.  Well, this last particular Raya cum Merdeka break was such a blessing to me.  Absolute no calls and no work!  Bliss.

It started off with big cleaning up of my office.  I hate working in disorder.  I remembered during the schooling days, I will take few days just to tidy up my room.  Making sure everything is in order for the new semester.  That includes tearing up unused exercise books and binding them and turning them into my useful sketchbooks.  Now I have to discard all the old drawings, heaps of them.  Preliminaries sketches, obsolete printed drawings etc and turning them into my recycled fax paper or my son's sketch paper...HUGE pile.  
Then, it was fun time (??) at Sunway Lagoon.  Well, fun time for Jien only to be specific.  Jung was like a clinging koala and would not even want to wade in the pool!  Gosh.  Just too young for that maybe.  Will wait for another 10 years before our next visit.  ;P

Then it was all good resting and good family time together at home.  I just love the simple form of it.  Grabbing some books to read, and the fact that I can read the newspaper already something I cherish so much!! haha!

The highlight was of course a dinner gathering of my relatives at my place.  I was just toying with the idea just before the holiday and saw my cousin on the FB.  We started chatting and then it was all set and scheduled.  I am so super glad that I did that.  I love watching my aunts chatting together.  Reminds me a lot of my mom.  And the fact is, my paternal aunts and maternal aunts are very close and they are like sisters!! We are just so blessed that we have that strong family bond.  Now I understand why my mom always organized some parties despite all the hard work cooking and preparing the food for like almost 30 pax if not more.  It is a sheer occasion of joy seeing all the relatives come together, seeing some grow up to be teenagers / married / having babies etc.  It is a loud, fun, and love is in the air.

Too bad I did not take any pictures.  Will surely organize another soon.  

And of course, this is their first visit to our new house.  All going oo and ahhh and LOVE the house.  Glad! ;)

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