Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Slowly settling IN

It was a slow start, our renovation. Then up to the 2nd month, I complaint to my contractor. Then suddenly everything zoom and vrrooomm and now we finally moved in...

We moved our luggages, books and garbage (yeah, after a long 5 years, I realized I had collected lots of them!!) to our new house one fine Saturday, 31 July. We moved in with the carpenters still working in the house!! Haha!! Well, we had to as I had promised my tenant for our apartment, so we had to move no matter what.

Good thing I have a very accommodating and understanding AND of course very helpful MIL, FIL and SILs. We left our maid in their place for almost almost a week while I clean and tidy up the messes in the house. It was extremely tiring having to go to and fro everyday to our hometown but we missed our kids so dearly. Well, my consolation is the wonderful dinner, the hugs and smell of my kids and I gotta spend 2 extra hour in the car ALONE with my husband. :)

When we decided to move them back, the house is almost there with more cabinets done and completed. I am so worried about the noise, dust and the dangerous tools that the carpenters used but strangely my boys are ok with it. They stayed upstairs all the time, enjoying the new found SPACE and of course the big bath tub that we specially have for them to splash!! My boys were so happily soaking themselves in the water and forget all about missing the old house and the noise downstairs!!

'So, Jien, do you want to stay here in our new house or you want to go back to our old house?'

'I want to stay in our new house, I want to stay with YOU, mama..'

Hmmmm........It is all worth it then.

This picture was taken during the construction. This picture shows the 'air well' created by using ventilation blocks to screen off the afternoon hot sun to the living and master bedroom; this screen also gives us more privacy too, we now can keep the windows and sliding door open to let the air flows freely!! I took the picture because I was utterly in love with the shadow play it creates! Such wonderful surprises for me.

And I love the natural clay colour decorating the otherwise cold colour of the house. I can't wait to have pots of plant to blend in more green to the air well.

More pictures next. Gotta catch up with my work! tata


Monday, August 09, 2010